Hi there.

i'm a weirdo. but in all the best ways.

I’m Kristen. Worst selfie-taker in the world. Also known as THE Mama Llama. Or El Jefe, if you’re my kids.

First thing's first. To put a slight twist on Dani Rojas' (Ted Lasso) words: Coffee is life. Life is coffee. Life doesn't happen until coffee.

Second thing's second. Connection! Jesus is connection. Connection is life. Connection to people, places, and experiences. Travel, food, new friends... There’s nothing quite like it.

Those two things are the constants in my life. Everything else just is.

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So. You want to know more, eh?

I've been a photographer for what seems like eons. Since before babies and life really started. Photography, like Jesus and coffee, has also been a constant in my life.

My approach to life is very similar to my photographic style: eclectic, modern, fresh, and expressive. Clients frequently exclaim about how emotive my images are. And while I might not follow all the rules all the time, that’s what gives me an edge. I go with what works.

My husband, Thomas (also known as Mr. Llama), often joins me in sessions - he and I both have an eye for details, and it's one of the many reasons why we make such a great team. We're some twenty years together, and only just getting started.

If I’m the sanguine creative that's up for anything, Thomas is the comedic genius who can pick that golden shot seemingly out of nowhere. I love fresh flowers and color, he loves vintage film cameras and European board games. I do Krav Maga and swing dance, he does technical internet things and retro gaming. I make the stories happen, he retells them – better than they ever were. I’m the extrovert with all the possibilities, he’s the introvert that keeps me grounded. I break the rules, he thinks outside them. We work.

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