Who We Are

Welcome! I’m Kristen. One-half(ish) of the Plaid Llama Studios team. Thomas and I are a pair of weirdos that happen to be happily married to one another.

I’m the sanguine creative that is (mostly) up for anything, and he’s the comedic genius with an eye for the details. I love fresh flowers, he loves European board games. I do Krav Maga, he does technical internet things. I make the stories happen, he retells them – better than they originally were, and with all the voices. I’m the extrovert with all the possibilities, he’s the introvert that keeps me grounded. I break the rules (sometimes), he thinks outside them.

Together, we drink coffee by the gallon, laugh a lot, argue a lot, and love pretending to be an old married couple, when really – after fifteen years - we’re still just in the middle of all the fun and beauty of life and marriage. And we just so happen to like to shoot people.

What We Do

Our style is eclectic, modern, fresh, and expressive. We might not follow all the rules all the time, but that’s what gives us our edge. We go with what works. We both have an eye for capturing moments and details, and that’s what makes us such a great photographic team.

Our goal is to take and choose the best possible images, spending time to make each photograph as beautiful as possible. We firmly believe that it is quality - not quantity - that matters most, and when selecting photographs for final editing we make certain that each one reflects the moment, the joy, the night, the adventure – in the most beautiful way possible.

Our photography is about more than just the imagery we produce, though. It's about the experience. It's about feeling comfortable and alive in your own skin. It's about laughter and merriment. Our clients have consistently told us over and over again how unexpectedly fun our sessions are. And that's the point.  

The Plaid Llama Studios experience is one of a kind. We work hard to go above and beyond, every time. 


We'd love to hear from you! To get started with the Plaid Llama experience, send us a message or a phone call. Maybe we'll connect that way, or maybe we can get together for some coffee or tea. Either way, we want to hear your vision for the imagery you've always dreamt about!

Feel free to contact us at 615.696.9698 or info@plaid-llama.com.

And of course, we are always available for some love on Facebook, where you can find us at Plaid Llama Studios!

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